The Digital Treasury is a series of electronic publications of the National Szécényi Library, which aims to make the treasures kept in library stocks available for a wider public in digital form. The series is edited by the Hungarian Electronic Library Department, with the help of experts from different departments of the National Széchényi Library. Each publication within the series will present the complete digital copy of one of the most precious documents of the Hungarian national library (rare books, manuscripts, periodicals, maps, small prints, posters, sound documents, etc.), but documents from other collections will also be included in the series. On each document exhibited within the framework of the "National Relics" exhibitions of the National Szécényi Library we will publish a CD-ROM as a part of the Digital Treasury series.

This series is first of all aimed to be regarded as a digital facsimile publication. Certain publications of the series endeavour - depending on the technical possibilities - to provide the most accurate copy of the original document. Each document will be described in a short, bilingual text including informations of primary importance on the document. Although the series doesn't aim to process the source documents scholarly, we hope that our publications will become indispensible subsidiary materials for scholarly research. If the opportunity present itself, longer reviews and text publications of scholarly pretensions could also be included.

Readers can find reproductions of the original document in two different qualities: a medium quality version ensuring quick use, and a top quality version wich allows detailed examinations.

The number of copies will be adjusted to the demands. The publication can be purchased in the Ferenc Széchényi Bookshop (Budapest, 1 st district, Buda Palace, Wing F), or they can be ordered on a special order form to be enclosed to the publications, online on the following homepage: , per email
(kincstar(at) or via telephone (00-36-1-2243878).

We are planning to publish eight-ten publications per year.